We are a Director led agency with a reputation for delivering successful communications, public relations, digital campaigns and spectacular events for our clients. We love to work with entrepreneurs, corporates, educational bodies and public sector organisations locally and nationally in Ireland, and we pride ourselves in connecting businesses and organisations through the media with their audiences. We work effectively with your brand to promote it, build it further and manage and protect your reputation at all levels in the communications sector. Founded by Lorraine O’ Neill and Michael Mulcahy who have over 50 years of collective business engagement in this sector, the team that is always Director led manages a client base of local to global brand leaders across all sectors of business, education and civic life.


With extensive experience over the past number of decades in working with a range of clients, Lorraine and Michael have built up a large connection agency in the business and civic sector in Cork and Ireland. We see the ever changing media and events world around us and have embraced it and we have added some unique elements to our offering at Maxxiuum Communications. We focus on public relations, media relations and personal brand management for individuals and we also offer a unique perspective on media training, crisis communications and public affairs. We are led by our own social media value and believe that this adds enormously to any campaign that we engage in today and we see it as a fantastic way to tell your story and engage with an audience that is different to traditional audiences. Events and public relations certainly go hand in hand and we provide event management services to ensure a bespoke service is delivered for our clients. We also own ‘Special Occasions’ which is our dedicated event management business that will focus on delivering a unique event for any special occasion of a business or organisation. Our philosophy is all about maximising the value that you have already built up in your brand and by adding our unique mix to that, the recipe for successful delivery is what we love.


Our job is to communicate messages, tell stories, announce jobs or investment news, launch new projects, products and services, profile people and highlighting their achievements and build an awareness of a people that may need development of their own personal brand. These are just some of the ways we work together with the media to reach the audience that can benefit you and your business or organisation. Much of what we have done for client businesses over the past number of decades is of public knowledge and you will have seen it in the media and on channels that promote what we do. This is our effective way of delivering and delivery is all about results.